Copenhagen [ CleanTechnica ] Every day, in Denmark’s capitol city of Copenhagen, cyclists travel the equivalent of  1,000 times around the world. Every day. 1.27 million kilometers a day, 789,000 miles.

Think of the calories burned! Think of the dopamine!

  1. We are talking 5 bikes for every 4 people.
  2. More bikes than people.
  3. 650,000 bikes for 520,000 people.
  4. 5 bikes for every car.
  5. 3 out of every 4 people bike year round
  6. on 429 kilometers of bike path, 267 miles of bike path.
  7. Almost 1 out of 4 people think 48,000 bike racks aren’t quite enough.
  8. 63% of Members of Parliament bike to work DAILY (How many members of the US Congress do we think bike to work daily?)
  9. 58% of Copenhagen’s kids bike to school.
  10. 55% of the population bikes to work or school.
  11. 56% get around on a bike because it’s the fastest option (40 Kmh is 25 Mph).
  12. 18,000 bikes are stolen every year
  13. 16,000 are vandalized and left for trash.
  14. They have train cars designed especially for the biking pop.
  15. Want to get a sense of how safe it is to bike in Copenhagen? Count the helmets.

Click on any image to launch a slideshow.

Cleantechnica has a nice selection of images, if you have time to wait for the Ads to load. I clipped all of the above by googling “Copenhagen bikes”. Next stop: do we need to see what Copenhagen’s bikes look like for people on Pinterest?

Aber ya!

I wouldn’t say the cache on Pinterest was necessarily better than the one on Google, but it’s different in interesting ways. Now all we need is a Youtube (found on Pinterest).


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