Here are the images I mentioned, plus some seemingly associated pins, that seemed like they have the makings of a good performance piece/installation/poem/book artifact of some sort. I’m just brainstorming. Nothing hard and fast. Just thoughtfulness. Could be we’re just looking at something that we do together, or not.

Above is a video of a resonant project in California that seemed like it added good context, if it turns out to be interesting to pursue it that way.

I’ve requested a copy of the book by the original research team through my Library’s Network (it’s $68 US for the paperback), so there’s no point in taking any action beyond just looking at the weirdness of the phenomenon. You’ll see where the lines got erased by the words.

Who knows what kind of images we might have to play with, once I get my hand on that book.

Also included, below the images, is the TED talk I mentioned by Ericka Alston.



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